“Love is the bridge between Heaven and Earth”
Cristy Andersen


People know me by different names; some call me the inspiring author, while others see me a best-selling author of spiritual books and books based on real life. The media already borrowed all my existing titles and added spiritual motivator to the list.

I am truly grateful for all the titles I have been crowned with and the words and stories people have shared with me. Each word I was ever told anchored itself in my heart and contributed to the birth of thoughts, advices and stories I am now sharing with you. On my life’s path I met so many special people with amazing and unique stories and each came with a special message. The entire content published on my website is the product of… Yes, exactly, of my personal story.

My story includes everything from spinning carousels to the feeling of being touched and caressed by angelic wings. I was first introduced to this world of duality in my early childhood and ever since my life has been bouncing back and forth between the two extremes, the earthly and magical. Duality was also a part of my everyday life; on one side there was the caring and devoted mother and on the other a father, who couldn’t love me the way I wanted him to. Life has often tested me, so the gentleness that once dwelled in the heart of a little girl, who loved animals and music, was soon silenced and lost. Even though my loving mother was trying to support and protect me all her life, she just couldn’t spare me some of the pain and losses I experienced and that is how I ended up sailing through life, passing and failing tests, which included painful memories of my early childhood, my first suicide attempt at the age of 15, broken relationships and physical injuries that first bended, then supported and finally pushed me to find an answer to the question »Who am I?«; at a certain point in my life I really didn’t know who I was any more. I blamed life, others and myself and communicated with the world through rage and aggression. I believed these characteristics were reflecting who I was. I felt they were a part of me and they were, but how they found their way into my life, well that’s a completely different story.

After all my battles I got stuck in the ring of life; I was exhausted, in great financial distress and convinced that life has decided to put me through hunger and fear. I had no idea what the future holds and after my physical source of love was taken from me, I have been officially knocked out by my greatest opponent – life. My mother, who always tried to support and keep me from drowning, was now forced to fight her own battles; she was diagnosed with cancer. After all the agony her disease has put her though she finally decided to leave this world behind. I am sure it wasn’t easy for her; she was waiting in a coma for 17 hours with her eyes wide open like she was asking for my permission to spread her wings and fly. Telling her that she can go was the hardest thing I ever had to do, for when she left, she took a part of me with her; on that day a part of Cristy died as well. Between the four walls that were screaming how much they hated me I tried to take my life for the second time. I wanted this unbearable pain to stop, but my second suicide attempt, just like the first one, was interrupted and prevented by an unusual set of »miracles«. A voice coming from an invisible source spoke to me and said »We love you so much! Can’t you give it another try?«

In that moment I knew that somebody or something wanted me to live. I roared at this higher power or whatever people call it and said: »Fine! I will give it another try, but you, Heaven, Angels, God or whoever you are, know that from here on I do not care what happens to me. Do whatever you want with me. Whatever comes my way, I will accept it and just say »fine«. And that is exactly what I did. They said cry and I said fine. They said meditate, I said fine. They said pour your soul on a piece of paper and I replied with fine. They told me to scream and I said fine. They said take care of animals, I said fine. I was told to learn and I said fine. Next I heard »Become a spiritual teacher!« and I said fine. »Start writing books!« I told them »Fine!« »Tell people your stories, for they need to hear them!« and again I said »FINE«.

When I wrote my first book »Heaven Heals«, many readers didn’t know that it was not meant to be a book, but letters to my mom, who became my brightest guardian angel. I wrote her these letters, because I missed her so much. Some of them even got published later on. Soon I discovered I had certain gifts and talents I thought only rare individuals would possess, so I wasn’t sure if I can trust them completely. I started wondering if I should believe in the existence of something larger and greater than us – humans. Once I started seeing things and sensing what shouldn’t exist, I first thought I was crazy. Honestly, I thought I went coo-coo, but then this higher power started guiding me and didn’t want to shut up or leave me alone.

I noticed that every time I said fine and followed this higher power’s guidance without questioning and understanding the meaning of it, my life, bit by bit, started to improve. And even better, the voices that used to speak to me and tried to convince me to end my life were finally gone. These voices got replaced by love, light, universe, life, inspiration, my spiritual self and the true me.

With the speed of light my story won over the hearts of all the suffering souls searching for hope. »If Cristy survived, we can survive as well,« they thought. And they did, …as will you. »Heaven Heals« which was the first book that exposed my personal story, became a guide for the grieving; its purpose was to spread hope. This book healed my heart and the hearts of many others. The readers started calling my next two books, »Heaven Replies« and »Heaven Visits«, which answer questions and clear doubts, spiritual encyclopedias. These two books can tell you why you have certain fears, how you can solve your problems, what is karma, how to improve your relationships, why does everything come down to money and why you don’t appreciate yourselves enough. Each answer they provide comes with a true, wonderful and inspiring story.

The answers to these questions, which were dictated to me by Heaven, include valuable words of light that found its way into the title of ever book and story I wrote. The twenty-two magical stories presented in my book »Heaven Tells Stories« contributed to my very own writer’s breakthrough. The magical pages of this book will bring inspiration to everyone, who is on the verge of loosing hope. This book holds stories of the desperate, rejected and disappointed individuals, who reached the bottom and then like a phoenix rose from the ashes. The stories of these people can show the world that both resurrection and changes are possible. The book brought tears to the eyes of many readers; 600 people came to the official premiere reading of this book. During this event I announced the title of my next book »Heaven Never Forgets«, which I have been eagerly awaiting. This book is a collection of eleven magical stories and conversations with my heavenly mother, who enriched the book’s content with secret meanings, love and a pinch of humor and revealed important life lessons. All four of my books became precious pearls and bestsellers. People seem to love… Yes, exactly, by now you have probably figured it out… – »stories«.

My life’s mission was born after I wrote my personal story that lead to all the other stories. Today I pursue this mission with love and dedication, because only now I can truly understand, why I had to go through all this; the purpose behind it was to write down these words for all the souls, who needed to be saved from drowning. Books are wonderful friends that can open doors into our hearts, souls and thoughts and their friendship is meant to last forever. I my opinion books represent the perfect means for passing on wonderful messages to all, who are ready to listen.

So finally, in spite of all the names and titles I have been given, I saw myself foremost as a writer of… Yes, by now you know, … of stories. I became a storyteller, but most importantly, to get there I first had to become myself.

I am the living proof that a loving heart can easily find a reason to live. As a dyslexic, who writes books, I became an inspiration to those, who lost their dreams. To me dyslexia is not an obstacle or a loss; it’s a blessing that made me include more wonderful people into my projects, including proofreaders, who are very important for my books. So my dream came true and I am here to prove and show it to you. This is my story.

I would like to use this occasion to support and encourage you my dear readers to start writing your own stories and to find loyal friends, i.e. books that will provide a pen for you to write with. The writing itself will just happened. There is no need to worry about this part. You can do it! I believe in you!

And what now? Well, we never run out of stories, that’s for sure – they are a part of our lives. Every time I start asking myself »What now?«, I receive the title of my next book or get a new inspiration or idea about what I can give to my readers. I promise to share all my ideas through stories, Heaven’s dictations, discoveries and messages, which come to me from higher dimensions, and also through spiritual novels and daily messages, which will find their way into your lives.

Writing the story I shared on my website was not something I planned to do; the idea came to me while I was waiting for my wonderful husband in a cafe sipping tea. The words just came to me, like so many times before and when I finished writing them I took the time to raise my look and notice a girl sitting at the table behind me hugging a lady that just walked into the cafe. The girl called the lady »Mommy«. And as the girl’s mother hugged and gently touched her daughter’s hair, I felt my mother do the same. She was there as well, I felt her warm hug and recognized the veil that uncovers so much more than meets the eye.

I will keep on uncovering the mysteries behind the veil and you are welcome to follow my work, read the free contents and chapters on my website and embrace the numerous surprises, which are yet to follow. Let’s start our common journey of revealing new stories, for that is what life is all about. It’s nice, educational and fun. … It’s a story.

With Love, Cristy Andersen

The accomplishments of Cristy Andersen:

– Founder of the www.potovanjeduse.si portal, where you can find and enroll in numerous classes and educations
– Over 50 interviews and introductions of her work broadcasted on TV and radio stations and published in newspapers
– Founder of one of the largest spiritual centers in Slovenia
– Organizer of the largest literary events in Slovenia, which are so unique that they are followed and broadcasted by many different media
– Author of 6 bestsellers
– Author of the most frequently borrowed books in Slovenian libraries
– Author of 10 meditation CDs and numerous online meditations
– Public figure with 26,000 followers on Facebook
– Author of a number of copyrighted classes (meditation, parapsychology and white magic, grief counseling, clairvoyance and angel therapy, mediumship and breaking of subconscious patterns)