Angels. Love from Eternity. Exquisite bright creations whose one and only purpose is to protect you. As long as there are angels, there shall be Light, there shall be Eternity, and there shall be Love. Guardian angels. Energy. Protectors. Call them as you may. Angels are the heralds of the Creator, beings of Divine Light that help us in all areas of our lives. They are the source of pure love that never judges us. They are familiar with our life\'s journey, having been entrusted with both the task of guiding us along it and of simultaneously shielding us from any danger that may befall us.


Love from Eternity...

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The booklet with the title Heaven Inspires that fits into every handbag is the perfect tool for anyone, who is looking for magical inspiration in life. It was inspired by Heaven and its purpose is to touch you, my dear readers. Whenever in doubt on your earthly journey, this booklet will be your perfect guide offering a touch of Heaven. Before you use it, I suggest you pause for a minute and take the time to look up into the sky, close your eyes and feel Heaven in your heart, then ask for a thread of wisdom and listen to what Heaven has to say.


Let the magic begin ...

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She used to walk the Earth, but now shines in Heaven. During her life here on Earth many people saw her as a silent little mouse, but to me she was the thunder of love, my protector, who watched over me like the most alert and watchful guarding angel and who I simply called mom. She opened my eyes so many times, but when she closed hers and fell asleep forever, she broke and, as I discovered later on, at the same time opened up my heart.

The Love from Heaven whispered to me: »Let me tell you a story…« and the Earth listened.

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From prehistoric times till present day we have been looking up into the sky and asking the question »Why?« and thereby acting like small children, who experienced the beauties and traps of life for the first time. The voice of Heaven has always been whispering its answers to those, who wanted to find purpose in life; some were able to recognise them, while others are still looking and searching like lonely riders in the middle of a dessert.


“Love is the bridge between Heaven and Earth”
Cristy Andersen

Welcome on this journey that will shape and turn you into a whole new person – a sensual, wise and spiritually awakened one. There are so many hidden truths written by the touch of faith, which only a few individuals have felt. The book Heaven Tells Stories presents 22 stories that will awaken and bring out certain feelings you never knew you had. These are more than just stories; they are the most beautiful tales that gave mankind a precious gift in form of timeless discoveries.


»Heaven tells stories is a book for people who want to believe in power of love and life.«

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From the Prehistoric Era till present day people have been looking up into the sky and asking the question »Why?«. When Heaven answered their question it gave life to my bestseller Heaven Replies, which includes all the answers and words Heaven has provided, i.e. the words of learning, wisdom and eternal love. The clocks started ticking and the Modern Era lifted the veil between Heaven and Earth and allowed many people to look behind the curtain.


"To read Cristy\'s book you require nothing but courage!" Zvezdana Mlakar

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