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Heaven's answers to all the questions people have been asking for centuries and amazing stories about Heaven helping the people on Earth.

PART FOUR: Help from heaven

23. »We ask for your help und yet you let us down. Why?«

»But in the darkest hours, and when success seems well-nigh impossible, let us ever remember that God’s children should never be afraid, that our Souls only give us such tasks that we are capable of accomplishing…« (Edward Bach)

People often complain to me about Heaven’s willingness to help. They were taught in spiritual workshops that whenever they need something they should ask and Heaven will provide it. They were told they could ask for anything: improved relations, a parking space, money, health etc. Some were telling me all enthused how Heaven granted all their wishes, while others were just looking around with sad faces – they asked for help numerous times, but Heaven refused to help. This situation raised a number of additional questions, such as: »Does Heaven only grant wishes to certain people?«, »Have I done something wrong that Heaven refuses to listen?« or even »Maybe I didn’t use the right words?«…

Heaven replies:

»Heaven always listens; even when you are asleep we can hear the whispers of your soul. Heaven doesn’t make distinctions – you are all equal to us. We see you as God’s children, worthy of love and we listen to each and every one of you. We love to grant your wishes, for every wish that comes true strengthens your faith and makes you smile, but we can’t grant all your wishes. Why? Because we know the path of your soul all too well; all of us, who follow your earthly path know exactly why you chose a certain earthly experience. This kind of experiences include what you call lessons and you chose to experience them on soul level, so you could grow. According to the law of free will, in such cases we cannot intervene; these experiences need to happen even if during difficult times you might ask otherwise. We have to obey this rule and choose not to help even when you ask the opposite. This does not mean we have abandoned you or that we can’t hear you. We are right here beside you, holding a bottle of water at the side of the track and waiting for you to cross the finish line. So, don’t loose faith. Continue asking for help, for some whishes can be granted immediately. Trust us with our decisions, just like we trust you.«

When I received this answer it suddenly hit me; I thought of all my wishes that didn’t come true. Most people refuse to see that an ungranted wish can also be a blessing in disguise. Think back and reflect on your life and I am sure you will be able to confirm it.

One of my greatest wishes was to move abroad to a very distant country. Every time I tried to make it happen, something went wrong. I was dreaming of this new, amazing life, just like from a fairytale, far away from the past that marked my youth. Since this wish somehow always seemed to slip away from me, I got disappointed and angry. When I look back and think what could have happened if I kept forcing it, I get horrified. If my wish came true when I asked for it, I would have lost precious time I got to spend with my mom. She went home, to Heaven, only five years after my failed attempt to move abroad. Now I see that not getting what I wanted was in fact a blessing in desguise. Of course back than I didn’t see it that way and believed I was robbed of my wish. The time I got to spend with my mom here on Earth was indeed short, but we were together when she most needed me. I could be there for her during her horrible disease and help her and that is priceless. Another blessing in this story is that thanks to my ungranted wish I am now writing these lines you are reading. If I moved, my life would have turned out very differently. Believe me, that this other life I could have had and wanted at that time is the life I would now literally run from. It would have robbed me of my true life purpose and many valuable experiences. Luckily, Heaven didn’t listen. I often think about this revelation…

A gift from Heaven

This question makes me want to share a very special story. When I became a spiritual teacher people thought that “people like me” are being pampered and that since we are Heaven’s servants all our wishes would come true. Well, let me tell you that this is not the case. Heaven truly doesn’t make differences. Even people like me have to go through tests, just like anybody else. Some of my wishes were granted immediately, while others never came true. But of course there were also times when the intervention from Heaven took me by surprise and left me speechless.

I created my first spiritual web portal for the grieving ( while I was working on my first book. I invested a lot of money into this project and everything that came with it, so the money I got left was hardly enough to lead a decent life and pay the bills. Soon came the next project and again I had to invest a fairly large amount of money to make this project happen, so my financial situation got very serious. In the end I managed to pull myself out of this crisis and was more than relieved, but all I had left in my wallet afterwards was a little bit of cash that was just enough to cover my basic expenses. I had a really long and busy day; exhausted from all the work, but satisfied with the outcome of the day, I headed home. During my peaceful and slow ride home a horrifying thought crossed my mind – it gave me the chills. »O no!« I yelled out loud. The feeling that ran through my body was like a mixture of illness and anxiety. It was only 14 days till my first book Heaven Heals was about to be published and on this occasion I wanted to give my readers a present, i.e. something to comfort the wounded hearts of all those, who lost somebody, so I decided to add a special meditation CD for connecting with deceased loved one’s to my book. I made all the necessary arrangements and worked it out with my publisher that these CDs would be my gift to the readers, which also meant that I was supposed to pay for them. In course of all the duties and obligations I had on this busy day I completely forgot that the CD’s were supposed to be paid the day after. If I didn’t pay for them on time, I couldn’t enclose them to the book, which means the book would have to be published with a delay. And in that moment, when I uttered the unfortunate “O no” I realized I have used up all my resources; the CD’s somehow slipped my mind. The amount I had to pay for them was about an average monthly salary. »Where and how could I possibly earn so much money in one night or where am I supposed to find somebody to land me this money,« I started asking myself nervously. It was late in the evening and I needed the money the next morning by 11 o’clock.

In that moment it all became too much for me; I cracked and bursted out in tears. I was crying from the depths of my soul when I looked up into the sky and asked out loud: »Please help me, please!« Suddenly I felt a gentle breeze filling up my car; somebody hugged me. I would recognize this energy anytime, anywhere. It was my mother’s energy that came straight from Heaven. I really miss my mother’s loving words and advices, especially in moments like this. »Mom…« I whispered and she replied: »Don’t worry, I will take care of your CD’s.«

I have to admit that her words slightly confused me. »How is she going to take care of the CD’s,« I wondered. How can she take care of their payment? In certain moments trust does not come easy. I couldn’t stop worrying. When I finally got home, tired and all shaken up, I nervously opened my mailbox. Among the large pile of mail there was a thick white envelope. When I entered my apartment, I placed the envelope on the table and started talking to my boyfriend. I told him about my worries and by now my entire body was affected by my distress. A few moments later I opened the envelope and in it there was a pile of smaller envelopes and letters. From time to time the tenant, who lived in my mother’s apartment used to forward me my mail; some of it was still coming to my old address, where my mother and I used to live, when she was still alive. I always threw away the mail she sent me, for it was usually just adds and similar; all the important mail was already coming to my new address. Like usual the thick envelope the tenant sent me was full of advertisements, only this time it also contained an envelope with my mother’s name on it. As the logo on the envelope revealed, it was sent by my mother’s former bank.

When my boyfriend saw it, he asked me, »Why is the bank sending mail to your mom?« »Probably adds,« I replied uninterested and laid down the envelope without opening it. My boyfriend got all restless; he wasn’t satisfied with my answer, so he opened the envelope instead of me, like he was driven to do so. »Cristy, this a bank statement showing the status on your mother’s bank account”, he said. “So what? I replied still uninterested with my mind completely elsewhere. When my mother went to Heaven I withdrew everything she had on her account and spent it on her funeral. There was only some loose change left in the bank. The only thing regarding this account that still occupied my mind from time to time was that I would eventually have to close it. So at first I thought my boyfriend wanted to remind me of this detail, but to my surprise he said: »Your mother still has money in the bank!« He knew how worried I was because of the CD’s. »No, she doesn’t,« I replied in an angry voice. But he didn’t care about my reaction and claimed persistently: »Yes, she does. Check it out yourself!« I threw a quick glance at the bank statement and indeed there was some money on her account and it was just about a month’s salary; exactly the amount I needed for the CD’s.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I claimed it must have been a typo. “The bank obviously made a mistake, because I know for sure there she has no money left on her account. I withdrew every cent she had,” I said to my enthused boyfriend, who couldn’t give it a rest and replied: “What mistake? Your mother has some money left in the bank, I am not blind.” This is a sign that she want’s to pay for your CD’s.” Then I remembered what happened in the car earlier, but I still didn’t want to believe it. There was simply no logic in it. How could this even be possible, I thought. After all the effort he made, my boyfriend finally convinced me to take my order of succession and go to my mother’s bank next thing in the morning.

The bank clerk took my documents and started typing on her computer. Her next question was: “In what bank notes do you want me to conduct your payout?« »I don’t have any preferences,« I barely managed to reply. I couldn’t understand it. None of it made any sense. Still, I left the bank with enough money to pay for the CD’s and I even had a few notes left to spend. My legs were trembling and I hardly made it back to my car. In the car I started crying again, partially because I was sad and partially because I was happy, a little bit confused and also very thankful. I looked up into the sky, closed my eyes and whispered »How did you do that mom?« And next I knew my mother’s soft voice started speaking to me:

»June 1 was the day when I had to leave and return home to Heaven. You have to know that I didn’t leave you and that despite the freedom that was filling up my body when I was living this world, going away from you wasn’t easy for me. I stood by your side when you were crying for me and caressed you when you fell asleep exhausted from all the grieving. I was prepared to do everything in my power to sew up your broken heart, but I decided to let Heaven pull its strings and work its magic. Our story and love for each other were meant to heal people. The angels and I are helping and guiding you from Heaven. I will always stay by your side and help others, by sending them straight to you. I am so proud of you and I am happy you are going to use this money on such a noble cause (note: she gave me a mischievous smile, which I didn’t understand at first; the explanation came later and it made perfect sense). Let me explain how the money ended up on my account… You probably forgot that if I left on June 1, I was officially employed until May 31, which means I received my last salary on June 15. By that time your heart was already wounded and this naturally slipped your mind. My last salary has been waiting in the bank for two years now. Why didn’t I remind you of it earlier, you are probably wondering. I wanted you to spend it on a noble cause, just like the one you are going to spend it on now – for the CD’s complementing the book that reveals our stories. I also wanted the event to give you hope, to you and all the others, so you can remember it every time you might feel low. This way you will know that you are never alone. Everyone here in Heaven is looking out for you even when you think nobody is around. Every tear you have shed was whipped with a hand from Heaven. I love you.«

»I love you too mom and thank you,« I replied with tears in my eyes.

Before we ended our conversation she explained to me, why she gave me that smile earlier: “I have one favor to ask”. “Name it”, I replied.

My uncle’s wife was my mother’s great confidant; they used to tell each other things nobody else knew. On that day, when I received this amazing gift from Heaven, my aunt was celebrating her birthday, so my mom asked me to buy her a nice watch. “I will help you pick out the right one”, she said. Tell her it was always me, who congratulated her first on her birthdays and she needs to know that this will never change.« I did what she asked, bought the watch and visited my aunt. Tears came to her eyes when I passed on my mother’s message; she confirmed that my mother was always the first to congratulate her on her birthdays and later told me that she really needed a new watch, because she lost the old one.

What’s even more amazing is that the story didn’t end here. When I ordered the CDs that would come as a gift with my first book Heaven Heals, I recorded two meditations, both in the same studio. The first meditation was for releasing sadness and anxiety and the other one for meeting a deceased loved one and healing broken hearts; the later was for all those, who lost a loved one and would like to have the chance to talk to the deceased and stay in touch with them. When I was deciding on which meditation to put on the CDs, my heart was telling me to choose the one for meeting deceased loved ones, but in the end I picked the other one, for I was afraid of other people’s reaction. My job often attracts disapproval; people are afraid of everything that has to do with the afterlife. This aspect of life is for many people unknown and scary. I wanted to bring Heaven closer to people and break the myths about the spirit world. My heart was telling me that the first meditation would have a healing effect on the grieving, but my reason was resisting and telling me that people are not ready for this and that all I would get in return if I give them this meditation is criticism.

The guy, who recorded my CD’s and helped me on this project, was a very conscientious and reliable person. I have worked with him numerous times and the result of his work were always flawless, but this time he made not one, but 2 “mistakes”. After we recorded both meditations, he sent the wrong one into reproduction, so instead of the “Releasing Sadness” meditation they recorded the “Meeting your Deceased Loved One” meditation. The title on the CD was “wrong” as well; it was given the same title as my book “Heaven Heals”. After I picked up the package with the recorded CD’s I decided to play one in my car and when I inserted the CD into the CD-player I saw »Heaven Heals« written all over the display.

My boyfriend and I just had to laugh about it; I didn’t listen, so Heaven find another way to put the right meditation on the CDs. I never told the recorder about his “mistake” and just happily accepted this intervention from Heaven. I have never regretted my decision. People loved this meditation, which is still successfully fulfilling its purpose.

The power of the special series of these events still has a strong effect on me. It is true, “they” never let us down, even when we feel we are all alone – “they” are always around. During life’s wildest storms “they” will find a shelter to keep our immortal soul safe.

PART FIVE: Human asks, Heaven replies

29. Is my faith predestineted?

»I am the master of my faith and the capitan of my soul.« (William Ernest Henley)

Some people seem to be born under a lucky star, while others appear to be “doomed”. I have often had this feeling that faith is just playing with us. There are also those, who believe they were born with bad luck, but the truth is that we often willingly incarnate into »weird« families that make us feel like outsiders. So, how do we pick our family? The assigning of families is not a lottery played in Heaven, but a wise and careful decision we all had to make for ourselves. Souls pick their families with a purpose; they want to experience certain lessons. Many souls loose hope and simply stop trying, once they have realized where they have to start their journey. They simply keep on living, because they have to. So yes, playing with faith often seems like a game with a predetermined outcome – a game you will definitely loose. But is this true?

Heaven replies:

»Before you decide to return to Earth your spirit guides help you pick out a path that involves learning and experiencing, which is important for your growth, mission and tasks. This will help your soul make spiritual progress and eventually prosper. Some events are picked out so carefully that you only need them for your highest good and these events are inevitable. Something like sealed faith generally doesn’t exist; with the law of free will you can change everything. You can either fulfill your life’s path or miss it and start walking down the wrong path.«

Again, the beauty of free will …

Left or right?

When I lost my mom I was hanging over the edge of a cliff and to avoid falling into the depth I had to walk over a bridge – but there were 2 bridges and I had to choose only one; the first one was leading to the left and the other one to the right. In my hour of sadness and clouded judgment I had no idea which direction to go. The Devil and an Angel were sitting each on one of my shoulders whistling a different melody into my ears. After my mother left I was persistently swinging back and forth between these two poles, the “good” and “evil”. My soul was calling for a spiritual comfort, while my ego was angry and didn’t want to have anything to do with Heaven or whatever it was that “took away” my dear loved one. I started reading spiritual books; I loved and hated them both at the same time. There was a battle raging inside of me; a battle of two worlds and none of the two was ready to give in, while I was still hanging from the cliff. And just to point it out – I am really afraid of heights.

After a while my decisive soul became louder and louder, showing me the path that was leading away from the edge of the cliff. Without knowing it, I started to follow my soul’s instructions. I started meditating and my anger slowly faded. Of course my ego was occasionally still causing wild outbreaks and eruptions, but luckily the lava cooled down quite quickly. Teaching about spirituality wasn’t something I willingly agreed on, at least that is what I thought. I believed I was “pushed” into it by my decisive mentor and even more decisive mother, who loved to help in this area. Even when I started my path of a spiritual teacher, there have been times, when it would be much easier for me to just give up and follow the little devil on my other shoulder that was wiggling its horns and asking me to join his party.

If I turned down the spiritual path I chose for myself before birth, this would according to the law of free will completely change the course of my life as well as my “destiny”. My mother’s departure was pre-agreed by both of us, for this is exactly what needed to happen in order to change the course of my life, get me on the right track and make me start serving and helping the world. Some people even say my mother sacrificed herself for this higher purpose and I would agree with them, but she herself said that this was in fact her choice and her mission. Only I could have shaken up things and endangered this mission she was on. Never mind all the lessons I learned and the gifts, knowledge and solicitations I received from Heaven, I can still put down my pen and stop writing anytime I want, even though I know for sure that this is my true mission. I could still change my path if I wanted to.

My path is often everything but easy, I receive hundreds of thank you notes and also critics from those, who are scared, but this is not a good enough reason for me to lay down my pen. I will accept all critics and charges against me with compassion, but I will listen to my soul only. I don’t want a life full of love-, health- or money-related problems, which I all had, when I was still walking on the path of my ego. Remember, if you listen to your inner voice you will never miss your foreseen path, but if you resist your heart’s true desires and start listening to other people’s opinions, you will enter a path that is not yours to walk. You will sail in the wrong direction and in the end the wind you are so eagerly trying to fight could end up breaking your sails.

Problems occur when we loose our way and our higher self decides to lead us back on the right track whatever it takes. This is where the challenging lessons start – they are here to show us that we lost our way and trust me, they can be very persistent. Even though Heaven says there is no such thing as a wrong path, because each path comes with a lesson, but there are definitely easier and more challenging paths; the later can include financial problems, diseases, people testing us etc. During the hardest tests we start looking for solutions and answers within.

When we look within we start to grow spiritually and are offered a chance to get back on track. Our lessons become great teachers we can be eternally grateful to. This »difficult faith« and our stories are giving birth to the greatest winners in life. Listen to your soul, meditate and connect with it whenever you feel calm enough to do so. Your soul has a lot to tell. It has the answers to all your questions.

The choice is yours. Faith will always be on your side, one way or another, weather you choose to believe it or not.


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