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FIRST PART: Lessons on human action

7. I am not satisfied with how I look. Why did I choose this body?

The soul undergoes careful preparations before its ready for its next incarnation on this wonderful planet, where it can have so many different experiences. With a childlike enthusiasm the soul will know exactly what its mission is going to be. Everything seems to be crystal clear now, but based on its previous incarnations the soul knows that soon all the memories will get blurry and it won’t remember a thing. Just like in every other incarnation, it will become a small living being in a fragile body and start all over again. But as a seeker of its essence, the soul will carefully study its growth and tasks and look forward to its new experiences. It will enter this material world knowing that without a suitable body it will not be able to fulfill its tasks and duties. Many say the body is the »shell« or the tool the soul requires to experience things and throws away afterwards, when its mission is completed. But is this really the case? And why do people tend to choose an exterior image that is rather an obstacle than an advantage? And again I ask you… »Is this really the case?«

My visitor from Heaven says:
»Your body is a gift. A carefully designed energy manifested in the physical world. It is so complex that it is being researched by the greatest minds of your time. Before its incarnation the soul carefully picks out its body and since the body is considered a gift the soul usually really enjoys the picking part. This gift – the body – will be the host of the soul. You often say that the body is not important, but it is time for you to acknowledge that you are wrong – without a body your soul could not go on its journey of experiencing. If you think carefully, you will see that the body is indeed very important. Many have uttered harsh, unkind words about your body in order to teach you to beat the illusions of the material and climb higher to the spiritual level. And yet, we keep on whispering to you the truth about balance. If you love Heaven, you should love Earth. Rejecting the material is a rejection of your own choice to experience all aspects of existence in a physical world. This is after all the reason why you came to this planet. Your body enables you to act and experience and yet you abuse it with unhealthy components, refuse to listen to it, when it gets tired, stone it with your criticism and harsh words and say that it is ugly and unattractive. You find hundreds of mistakes on it, which remind you of your »bad choice« day after day. Today we want you to acknowledge that it is time to cherish your gift, nurture it and start observing it from a different perspective – through the eyes of beauty. Once you are ready to see the beauty in the reflection of your mirror, you will learn to spot beauty everywhere. This might even change your entire perspective of the world.«

Sketches of True Beauty

Even the human mind recognizes the whispering of Heaven; this has been proven numerous times. I was truly enthused by this experiment, the results of which have been revealed in a video that was released in the USA on April 14, 2013. The experiment was performed in form of an advertising campaign started by a cosmetics company that has been defending the natural beauty of women since 2005. By the time I saw this video, it has been viewed by over more than sixty-two million people.

The experiment took place in San Francisco (USA), where a group of women was invited to meet in a huge hall; they didn’t know each other and had no idea why they were invited or what they were supposed to do there. It was like some sort of a mystery show taking place behind the white curtain. On the other side of this curtain they heard the voice of Gil Zamora, a forensic artist, who has been drawing sketches for the FBI for many years. He asked these women to describe their faces. It didn’t take long before the ladies grasped that the mysterious voice on the other side of the curtain was drawing their portraits. They played along and did what they were asked to do. After the artist was finished the women were asked to leave the hall; they haven’t seen the artist and vice versa. In the corridor of the hall these women finally got the chance to mingle and then came the unexpected. They were called back into the hall and received another task – this time they were asked to describe the face of one of the women they met in the corridor. The women started describing the faces they saw and the sharpened pencil on the other side followed their words and turned their descriptions into new sketches.

Once the artist was finished, he revealed the purpose of this experiment and showed each participant 2 sketches of their faces; the fist one was made based on their own description and the second one on the description given by the other women. The results were shocking. Both sketches reflected the same individual with a completely different face. The sketches made according to the description of the other women were much »prettier« than the ones made based on the women’s’ own description. This experiment proved that how we see ourselves is very different from how others see us; in other people’s perspective we look much prettier.

Many have criticized this experiment, but the number of people, who shared this video clearly states the majorities opinion and confirms that we all want to love our bodies, be more self-confident and believe that we are good enough, but are often unable to do so. This video also reminds us that it is time for us to learn to see the good and the beauty that lies within. The women that took part in this experiment realized they should appreciate and accept themselves just the way they are, because how people see themselves affects all aspects and areas of their lives. Many of these women observed their sketches with tears in their eyes, which confirmed that they want to love themselves more. Their souls wanted to show how much they love their gift – the human body. And that was the perfect opportunity for it. This was a wonderful video and a great opportunity for all of us to put on new glasses and start seeing beauty instead of flaws. Beauty is everywhere; we just have to be ready to see it.

A very similar story was preserved in the archives of my past …

I have been often judged and one of those periods, when people really loved to criticize me was when I gained 57 lbs. in less than a year. Those, who met me, when I was still wearing size 6, were shocked by my new appearance; they nodded their heads in disapproval and gossiped about me behind my back, while a few individuals even decided to say it to my face that I shouldn’t eat so much. They were saying things like: »Look at yourself!«, »Stop eating so much!« etc. Like there was nothing else about me, but my weight. Nobody saw my tears of sadness shed after the loss of my mom. It was my grief that made me fat; I found consolation in food. During that difficult period food became my best friend; ice cream was perfect for giving comfort. At least that is what I thought.

Four years later, when my mother joined the heavenly sphere I received a gift in the form of an important discovery. One day I step on the scale and started screaming from excitement; in the last 18 months I have lost 44 lbs. The healthy diet and sport finally started to pay off. I only had to loose a few more pounds to reach my final goal. When I stepped off the scale, suddenly an old memory came back to me. It was like I have stepped into a time machine that brought me back in time… I remembered the day, exactly 4 and a half years ago, when I rushed into my mother’s hospital room with crocodile tears pouring down my face. I will never forget that day. It was at the oncology institute; my mother was being fed through a tub. Her scale showed only 88 lbs. and her weight still seemed to be dropping. I used to watch her eat. Everything changed with her disease. All areas of life that used to run with a certain pace were now running in slow motion. Time had nothing more to claim. My mother was now able to carefully observe each and every bite of her favorite food, which she used to eat with such delight, but didn’t manage to keep in her stomach for too long. Food, the thing that we all take for granted, was during her disease everything but self-evident. So, on that day, when I ran to my mother covered in tears, my depression was really starting to show and I knew that soon the moment will come, when I will have to say goodbye to her. At that time I already found solace in food. I was sobbing on my mother’s shoulders complaining about the 13 lbs. I gained. I was telling her how ugly and fat I was. My mother gently caressed my head and replied: »Cristy, you look beautiful! You are not fat! And even so, the only thing that truly matters is that you are healthy. But if you don’t feel good about yourself, do something about it. …You know, in my situation, when you are unable to eat, you would give anything to be able to gain some weight…«

A few years after she left, I was standing on the scale and screaming out of joy. The scale showed the same number as on that day, when I rushed to the oncology institute crying over my weight. Life has definitely changed. What was once reason for tears is now a reason for joy and laughter. The same circumstances, the same weight, but a different perspective. My experiences turned me into a completely different woman. I am not the same person I used to be and I am fine with it. Even if I could, I wouldn’t change a thing. Weight drops, pain heals, …

We just saw two different perspectives of the same situation and that made me wonder how you see the world…

The world always turns out to be exactly the way we see it. We are the creators of our reality. If our perspective is negative, our world will be gray and dull, but if we look for the positive in it, we will create a world that is colorful and diverse. For two different people the same circumstances can create completely different realities – they can either ruin or give chance. So, the question is, what kind of a world do you want for yourself?

Once you start seeing the world in beautiful colors, you will finally be able to look into the mirror. Do not be afraid to spot your real reflection and once you spot it, smile and be proud of it. You will see how beautiful you really are and have been all this time. Say a few nice words to yourself; show some respect and treat your physical body with kindness, for it is wonderful and perfect for your stay here on Earth. Do not forget, you create the reflection in the mirror.

Heavenly pearl: »Cherish your body, as it is a gift from God! Respect it and in return you will receive more beauty. Look into the mirror and spot the beauty in every inch of your reflection and just shine with it!«

SECOND PART: Lessons of cosmic functioning

13. How does fear influence everyday events?

The Greek Comedy

Just thinking about my daily discoveries and all the words I have already put on paper and shared with the world often makes me laugh. Every time Heaven whispers to me that it is time for a new book I get all excited, just like a child in a candy shop. By now I learnt that too much excitement, just like sugar, can be dangerous and if I am not careful enough it could backfire on me and make me sick. Every time I am being told to write about something, Heaven makes sure I first experience it. »You have to feel and live it, before you can spread it,« they explained. So in order to write about things, I first have to experience them; this is the only way my pen works and I can send love from Heaven directly into your living room or any other location you picked out to read my books. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I heard I will have to write a chapter on »How does fear influence everyday events?«; I knew instantly that this will be my next lesson.

It was time for me to get acquainted with the Greek comedy. Yes, the Greek comedy, not tragedy. As I mentioned in my second book I am not a big fan of airplanes, but somewhere in the middle of this book I became at least comfortable with the idea of flying, which no longer puts me under stress, even though I still prefer means of transportation I can easily and safely exit. I am not sure I ever truly paid attention to the flight attendants pointing out the emergency exists before takeoff. »What emergency exists?« I always thought. Like the exists would help if anything goes wrong. My sarcasm has nothing to do with me being scared of dying, believe me! My only fear is to survive the plane crash and actually feel and face all the consequences and injuries I would suffer. I guess I have been watching too many movies. J Anyway, one day, when I was flying home from an island in Greece, where I wrote almost all of my books, I had a very unpleasant experience. Because of my connecting flight I had to spend a night in Athens. The first flight from my island to the Greek capital was extremely pleasant; it was like flying on a soft, fluffy cloud. This was one of those smooth flights with no turbulences, no shaking and a perfectly gentle landing on a pile of cotton. It was plain perfect. I haven’t had many pleasant flights. Most of the time my planes were fighting turbulences, snow storms and similar. Yes, I am well aware of the power of my thoughts, so I often wondered if it wasn’t my fear that created all these unpleasant circumstances. Well, this Greek flight was something completely different. It was the perfect flight. When we landed in Athens I felt my lips roll up into a big grin. Ahhhh, life seemed so beautiful that day. The only thing left for me to do was to get to the airport hotel, which was only two crosswalks away. I already imagined myself taking a hot bubble bath and spending a relaxing evening on my own before I returned home.

I left the airport, went outside and stopped at the zebra crossing. When a nice taxi driver stopped and let me cross the two-lane road, I stepped forwards and continued walking towards my hotel. A split second later came the twist nobody expected; another taxi driver started to overtake the standing taxi on the second lane, which I was just about to cross and the sound of squealing tires sent out the signal that he and I are just about to collide. I looked up to check after the sound I just heard; I couldn’t believe my ears until I spotted the car’s bumper right in front of my nose. The taxi driver stopped his car only a few inches from my left knee and as our eyes met, I could tell from his look that he was sorry. My knees were trembling as I continued walking towards my hotel. It is said that all’s well that ends well, but this event kept occupying my mind and robbed me of my sleep. Usually it was the fear of flying that kept me up at night, but this time it was the car that almost changed the course of today’s events.

This event really confused me, so I asked my loving guardian angel for guidance. The message I received became part of this book and a wise guidance to all of us.

The visitor from Heaven said (conversation between me and my guardian angel):

I said to my guardian angel »I don’t understand. Why did this happen?«

He replied »Because of your fear.«

I looked at him with amazement and continued with »I don’t understand. I never even thought of a car. My fear was always connected to planes.«

The angelic wisdom gave me the following answer: »Fear is fear; it’s a living energy. You bring it to life and then carried it around where ever you go. It doesn’t matter where it came from, it will follow you everywhere and it will always find a way to manifest itself. Love or fear, they both work the same way. For example, if somebody is afraid of loosing his/her partner, without understanding why, he or she will start loosing money. If fear was not expressed or resolved, it will find its five minutes of glory, of course not necessarily in the same field your fear originally appeared; fear can manifest itself in any filed whatsoever. Do you understand it now?«

This answer made me a little cranky, but to be honest, I must agree with what the angel told me.

We all have fears. They represent one of the segments that help us recognize our limitations and overcome them. You shouldn’t judge yourself for having fears, but rather try to fight all the limitations they are creating. By doing so you will grow into a strong individual, who will learn about the power of your soul and your creative abilities. When creativity starts beating fear, you will start a new life; this does not mean you will not be afraid anymore, it only means that you will not allow your fears to consume you or limit your life. Humans tend to resist what we fear and in the process we often end up hurting each another. Try to look at fear from a different perspective. Being afraid means you do not want to loose something important. This proves that you have something to look forward to in life. Being afraid means you feel responsible and that is a great virtue. So, do not allow your fear to undermine your creative power. Treat fear as a friend that will show you what is truly important in life. Facing a friend is not difficult, so face your fears and in spite of their constant presence continue fulfilling the tasks, which are necessary for your personal progress. A friend, that includes your fear, will respect the path you have chosen; it will encourage and watch over you.

17. I am meditating and practicing positive thinking every day; still I can’t seem to notice any changes or progress in my relationships and life in general. When can I expect to see the first results and receive answers from the universe?

The most difficult of all is to believe in the portals of miracles, when things go wrong and you are facing a divorce, serious illness, fear of loss etc. Staying positive, when your life seems to be falling apart and turning into ashes after a fire, is everything but easy. Being struck by irrational faith in such a harsh manor is absolutely heartbreaking. Yes, we all heard how important it is to stay positive during difficult times, but this is easier said then done. It works nicely in theory, but in practice, let’s be honest, it would be much easier swimming against the tide of a wild river than obtaining positive thoughts. Did you ever ask for help and guidance and then feel like you were knocking on the wrong door or end up asking yourself »Can anybody hear me?« Well, I have and I received a very interesting answer to this question, which was provided to me by the powerful Archangel Rafael, who heals feelings and body and whose presence is equally soothing as the warm hug of a loving mother.

Rafael’s message:
»Healing exists since the day mankind was created. You came to this planet as souls looking for different experiences, but you didn’t receive a manual that would make your journey easier. You can try as hard as you can, but you will never understand all of life’s tests. You seek answers in other people, spirituality, books and similar; it seems like you know the spiritual laws all too well and often even manage to follow them successfully, but still you are being tested in the same area over and over again. You carefully follow all recommendations, but nothing happens. Sometimes you throw in the towel, for you think it is not worth it; it’s too much work for nothing. People keep on hurting you, you are loosing your way and your relationships are falling apart. Deep inside you believe we love you, but you still don’t understand it and keep on asking yourself: »Did they abandon me? Will my questions be answered? Can they even hear me?«

Today I will provide answers to all these questions. I do not expect you to understand them completely, but I would like you to at least acknowledge and except them. As an incarnated soul you are now aligned with your highest truth and the path you chose before birth. The portals that are opening and the vibrations, which are quickly shifting will not only guide you, but literally »throw« you in the direction you were supposed to go, but somehow managed to miss due to your numerous obligations and the delusive stories you created for yourself, so you could stay in a »safe« place. Many of you have been caught up in these delusive stories, which were overall comforting, but at the same time decisive, for they were trying to convince you that you are happy and that everything is all right. But if that was true, why were you still crying and why is your heart still broken, you probably wonder. This has been a silent wake-up call… The alarm clock went off, which means it’s time to get up and start moving.

The wake-up call and the changes do not come from an external force, they are driven by the yearning of your soul that wants to create new periods and possibilities and most of all find pleasure and happiness and for that your soul will be ready to do practically anything. Your job is to trust your soul completely. I do understand that the changes you will have to make are not going to be easy; you will be required to leave your comfort zone, in which you feel safe, and that can certainly be painful.

My message for you today is:

»Do not burden your lovely mind with the wish to understand everything that goes on in this world. Things will only start making sense when your heart is completely healed and you are ready to leave the old, worn out and rigid stuff behind. Call upon me and ask me to heal your emotions, body and fears. I will back you up. I do not need any additional requests or explanations, calling me is enough. I will help you sail in stormy weather and fight the strong wind that will try to knock over your sailing boat. I will help you until you have reached the calm sea that is reflecting in the most beautiful colors and is guiding you to wherever your soul wants to go. Allow me be the wind beneath your sails, stay on course in spite of all the illusions and believe that you are headed in the right direction. The sun is already peaking behind the clouds, but you must stay strong and determined not to give up even when it rains. Knowing that the sun is out there should be a big enough motivation for you to wait until it has finally dried your soaked skin. In the meanwhile be ready to do whatever it takes for the sun to reach you. The rainy seasons are hard to foresee, but I will whisper to you what makes them go by more quickly – it’s faith.«

The Story of the Red Rose

It is January 4, 2014. For you this might be another ordinary day, but for me it is »that« day of the year, when I am forced to do an introspection of my life and assess who I am, who I can become and what else can I achieve. No, it is not my birthday. …or is it? This year has just begun and I am about to retreat to one of the sunny islands in Greece to start writing. I am thinking about the meaning of numbers. I entered my last karmic year and I have only one month left before I turn 30. For those of you, who do not know what karmic years are, allow me to explain it. Karmic years are the years of great changes, which can be calculated based on an individual’s birth date. In addition, the 30th birthday is known as the year of great changes. Karmic years are usually spread out through different periods of an individual’s lifetime, but not in my case. My last karmic year finishes this year. According to the teachings of many numerologists and spiritual teachers this year is supposed to finally outline my life’s path. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I guess you know the feeling; I am talking about the feeling in your stomack when you are excited or in trouble. My butterflies are already spreading their wings and getting ready to fly and on this day I even started wondering which direction they are headed this time. It is January 4 and it is again time to assess my life.

Exactly 18 years ago, on January 4, I tried to take my life. I got tired of fighting my demons day after day and listening to them telling me I was worthless, that I will never succeed in life and that nobody loves me. Even though what they were saying wasn’t true, the memories of my difficult childhood eventually convinced me to believe them. These voices were slowly putting out my sparkle of life, but in the end it was me, who tried to extinguish it completely with forty sleeping pills. My suicide attempt failed, which is more than evident, since I am still here telling you this story. An invisible force sent me a friend, who brought me to the hospital on time. All these memories and my demons have faded in the carousel of life, well almost all of them, except for one. I remember this experience I had in the hospital; I dreamt (though you could hardly call this a dream) that I was walking through a beautiful green forest, were lovely shiny creatures were observing me from behind the trees. I couldn’t see their faces, but my gut was telling me that I know them. It was time to move on, so I continued walking till I reached a clearing. In the middle of this clearing I saw an open casket. Somebody should have woken me up from this false nightmare, but I felt safe and was curious what will happen next and how I can influence the course of events. Then someone started speaking to me – I couldn’t see a face, but I clearly heard the voice that was coming from above. The faceless speaker, who asked me a series of questions didn’t scare me. The voice aksed me »Is it too difficult? Do you want to stay here or leave? I believe in you, but the final decision rests in your hands. Do you think you could give life another try? It doesn’t have to end here and now, but from now on it is all up to you.«

I stayed. Today, on January 4, it has been exactly 18 years since I heard that voice. Everything changed; eighteen years ago I hated my reflection in the mirror and I wanted to smash all the mirrors I came across; I couldn’t believe that someone gave me such a pittance and dared to called it life. My mother went through hell because of me. She tried to fight my demons, which hated the word love. Somewhere, someday I am pretty sure my mother and I will laugh about this. It is the game of life… Today, on January 4, I wonder what signs is this year going to bring me – I am talking about the signs that appear every year and remind me of my life so far. What would my mother say this time, I wonder. She is now walking the roads of Heaven and watching me from above as one of my brightest guardian angels. Her path, which supplements my path, is amazing. She even helped you, my dear readers and pupils, numerous times. She shared many words with you without asking anything in return. And on January 4 she brought me a present and a message. At first I though it was just for me, but when I saw it in all its glory my heart was convinced that it was for all of us.

I spent a wonderful day on a Greek island, a place where time seems to run more slowly. Nobody is in a rush; the sea dictates the natural pace of life. I did enough writing to feel satisfied with my work and comfortable with the idea of spending some time with my friends and play cards. An innocent game of cards that will soon turn into something amazing, something nobody could have foreseen. The cards are turning and opening, as are the gates of Heaven. There was no call, no preparation, it just happened – as simple as life. My friend, who is also spiritual, but is currently more interested in real card combinations, gives me that look. You know, the look when you start asking yourself if you have something green on your nose or stuck between your teeth. He lays down his cards looking all confused and I watch him get up and leave. What a weirdo I thought. »Island, do something with this guy,« I ask silently and hope his behavior is not contagious. A few minutes later he returns with a still confused, but honest look in his eyes and a beautiful red rose in his hand. The weather on this island creates the perfect conditions for growing roses, but still, I have never seen such a beautiful rose grow anywhere else. My friend told me he found it on the stairs of our building, by the entry. »It might sound strange, but I think this is a gift from your mother. She loves you and she has an important message for you,» he said. »I don’t know what happened, but she touched me and sent me outside to the spot, where I found the rose,« he then added and asked: »How weird is that?« »Weird,« I replied. And he continued: »Do you know what this means?« »Yes, I do. I know exactly what it means,« I replied with a smile on my face and tears filling up my eyes.
The story about the red rose… My friend thought it was unusual, but to me this was an event filled with love that came straight from Heaven. This event will warm my heart even in the years to come, but now it was time to tell him the story, so that he could breath more easily… I will share this story with you as well.

My mom and I were arguing about roses for many years. Well, we weren’t really arguing, it was more like a cute debate only the two of us would understand. We never got to finish our debate, at least not until today. It’s nice to know that some things can last forever. My mother used to say that real roses glow in its beautiful red color, while my favorite rose was and always will be the blue rose. Wizard blue, mystical and unusual – the blue rose was always special to me. I loved it since the moment I first laid eyes on it, but my mother thought blue roses were artificial and could never beat the real beauty of a red rose created by nature. If you could only hear our debates, I am sure you would laugh yourself to tears. Even though we couldn’t agree on this color issue, I loved to give my mother red roses and she accepted my love for the blue ones. Once a friend of mine, who didn’t know the story, but was a very powerful medium brought a red rose with a blue ribbon to one of my meditations and said my mother was driving her crazy with this detail – the blue ribbon. I started laughing. I believed her. My mother decided to make a compromise – she sent me a red rose with a blue ribbon. »Fine, my heavenly witch, I am glad you preserved your sense of humor,« I replied at her gesture.

The Greek night surprised me with another present. The rose I received was still closed and I started opening it with my fingers, so it would finally show the power of its blossom. Suddenly I felt a gentle touch on my hand that wanted me to stop, so I did and carefully listened to the words that followed. I can still hear the voice I loved the most, my mother’s voice that was telling me: »I have a message for you. Pass it on! You know, a rose can’t be forced to open, you might try to open it with your fingers, but it is not ready to open yet. And life is exactly the same, just like the most beautiful rose – you can’t force it to open on demand. So cherish your life and cherish your rose. Water it with love and do not forget to observe its beauty. Once it is ready, it will open on its own and show you the power of nature and the beauty of its blossom.«

»Life does not react to extortion. Some things need time to open and bloom. Cherish these things, water them and wait till the time is right. Make sure that the rose you are trying to open by force is not going to die under your hand.« This is one of my mother’s greatest pearls, the discovery that can enrich your life with many small and large miracles, which off course will only happen if you have earned them. Doing nothing and waiting for things to fall from the sky is not going to work; if life worked that way there would be too many dreamers and individuals with no track of reality and working skills. To earn and experience miracles you first have to make an effort. This was not the message though, the real message was: “First roll up your sleeves and then wait for the rewards to follow”.

The gift I was given on January 4 will remain one of my greatest gifts from Heaven. It has been exactly 18 years since my rebirth. I am no longer a minor, which means I can finally grow up and take responsibility for my own rose, may it be blue or red.

A pearl from Heaven: »Just like a rose, life can’t be forced to bloom – it requires faith and patience. Don’t forget to water your rose while you wait. Water it with trust, dedication, disciplined thinking and hard work. Do it every day and wait till the time is right and the flower will open on its own.«

© 2019 by Cristy Andersen

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